This is my "home away from home". When you spend 4-6 days a week around the same people, they become your second family. Brian has fostered a community of people that come from all walks of life who celebrate your victories and pick you up when you feel defeated. Any new fitness journey can be terrifying, and you can bet that the coaching and community will welcome you with open arms. Come play and try a few classes - you won't regret it!
-Megan B.


I enjoy how each day consists of a different routine. The coaches are experienced, knowledgable, & true leaders, that care about your goals and help you to achieve them. The members of crossfit invulnerable have become almost like extended family, the warm and friendly environment is just great.
-Moe O.
Great place to work out and have a good time while doing it! Small, intimate, classes with plenty of one on one instruction. Highly recommend it!
-Joelle W.
What a great bunch of people! Having shared goals really keeps me motivated.Everyone is very supportive. A true community!
-Paula C.